At the top of the stairs ready for bed, you realize the hall light is on and the doors are still unlocked.Rather than returning to the main level, give a simple voice command – “Alexa, close the house.” In seconds, your house is buttoned up for the night and you’re hitting the pillow. Our mission at Union Place is to keep your life in Deephaven truly this easy. Our talented interior designers and technicians work together to craft your dream – a beautiful home automation system that saves you from those irritating mundane tasks like adjusting the heat or calling your kids for dinner. Schedule a consultation with us in Deephaven today, and we’ll start creating. We provide the unique combination of interior design and home automation to ensure form meets function in your home. Whether you’re looking for a security system, a home Home Theater, Automation & Interior Design Company Deephaven MNheater, or full automation, no dream is too big for Union Place.