Interior Designer in Maple Grove, MN

Homes require maintenance. However, people are so often making improvements to the exterior of their home that they forget about putting work into the home’s interior. The interior of your home is more than just decorations; it’s where you create your life and make memories! You deserve to live in a home that feels just like you, which is why we personalize our interior design services to match the style and needs of all that we service. If you take a look around your home, you may notice many furnishings and details that are either outdated or do not serve you anymore. Time to rid of the old to make room for the new! At Union Place, we offer interior design services in Maple Grove and surrounding areas. We know that everyone has a personal connection to where they live, and we promise to make sure that while updating and re-designing your home, we make sure your style and personality come first.

If you notice any rooms within your home that could use an upgrade, we are happy to help! We will come to your home in Maple Grove for a free consultation and discuss ways to help revamp your home.