Interior Designer in Excelsior, MN

As the birthplace of Union Place, Excelsior is a city we deeply cherish and have been serving since 1978. Our understanding and value of Excelsior’s history drives our design process as we often want to bring this city’s charm and character to life. The neighborhood of Excelsior has grown tremendously overtime and we are proud to say that we’ve been a part in improving these homes while also keeping their character. From simple design touch-ups to complete remodels, we have done it all and have been devoted to matching homes with the people that live within them. We craft each home to the personality and style of the homeowner, so that they can feel completely at home in their new home. Personalization is the key to making that happen.

For quality and thoughtful interior design in Excelsior, give us a call. We’ll eagerly arrive at your home in Excelsior for a free consultation. We’ll then continue the journey by crafting your space to make your home feel like heaven.